HUAWEI Y600 FIRMWARE (Y600-U20, V100R001C435B014)

HUAWEI Y600 FIRMWARE, On this page you will find the official firmware download link of Huawei Ascend Y600 .


Look down the pdf file to find the way to install it in device.


How to update firmware ?
1 : Download the file

2 : Copy it to SD Card.

3 : Switch off the phone.

4 : Pull out the battery and put it in again to make sure phone is off.

5 : Then press the power key, when the mobile phone vibrating, then press the volume up key immediately, it should boot into the recovery model.

6 : You may see no command error android logo.

7 : Wait for few second and you will see recovery mode.

8 : Press down the volume down button to the “Apply Update From SD Card”

9 : Then press power button to make an update.

10 : Press volume up button to goto Reboot button and that’s it.

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